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4914 Highway 90      4269 Woodbine Road
          (850) 995-6162                         (850) 910-4949

Thank You for Allowing Us to Add Color to Your Life & Cuteness to Your Wardrobe. We Appreciate You!

CONGRATULATIONS TO KAYLA for being our 'Employee of the Quarter". She was selected by her co-workers and here are a few things they had to say about her:

-Kayla always has a great attitude and is always willing to help with anything needed.

-Kayla is bubbly and energetic. She is very helpful and polite.

-Kayla, she helps clean beds as well as trains on the computer. She is very nice and good at giving constructive criticism. She deals with customers well, is very knowledgeable, and shows a lot of initiative in the work place. She is very good at training the new employees and helping them fix mistakes.

-I enjoy working with Kayla because she’s always helping me. She’s a great teacher she’s taught me so much. Just makes the work day go by extremely fast !

-Kayla is a great person to work with because she always comes in with a great attitude and is always good about sharing the work tasks.