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Memberships & Packages:


Why Our

Customers Tan

  • It's Relaxing! Indoor tanning gives psychological benefits. Aside from the increased confidence of knowing you look good, you are given the opportunity to have an undisturbed time of peace & warmth. Such a relaxing break will help reduce stress & leave you invigorated to meet the demands of your work & social life!
  • It's Convenient! You can acquire your desired bronze glow on your lunch break, after a day at the office, or anytime your schedule allows. You can be in & out of the salon within 30 minutes or less!
  • It's Benefits! Indoor tanning is time & intensity controlled which leads to a better tan with less chance of over-exposure. It will also help condition your skin for outdoor exposure. Plus, there are many health benefits such as: Vitamin D production, it helps alleviate psoriasis, acne, eczema & other skin disorders, & fights against SAD
  • The Quality Service! You will always get great customer service and a clean, well maintained salon for all your tanning needs. We care for the best interest of your tan & skin. We will help educate you on the proper equipment & lotions for the tan of your life, and the life of your tan!!!

VIP Memberships

  • Most Popular Choice by Tanners
  • Perfect for Customers Who Desire Optimal Tanning Results at a Low Price
  • Exclusive discounts for members on tanning products & sunless tanning
  • Memberships are offered with a minimum of a 2 or 6 month consecutive auto-draft on the 1st of the month; Memberships continue month-to-month after initial period or until customer freezes or cancels
  • $30 Enrollment at sign-up; Waived with purchase of tanning lotion 
  • Members will receive a copy of membership agreement for reviewing
  • Payment is processed on the 1st of month with credit or debit card placed on file; Client may pay membership by cash in salon prior to draft date
  • Memberships may be frozen for $5 per month; member still has option to tan at a discounted price
  • All freezes or cancellations must be processed in salon by signing designated form; copy will be given to member for their record keeping
  • Freezes, cancellations, or any changes to account must be processed in the salon by the 25th of month; no online, emails, faxes or phone calls are accepted 
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